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Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Full-Service Cleaning After Construction Project is complete.

Our post-construction cleaning services aim to reduce the time between your construction project and the time when construction completed. We work hard to give you a thorough clean in a timely manner.

These are three steps we provide to complete post-construction cleaning services.

  • Initial Clean — Our initial cleaning phase includes a rough clean of all debris removal, high-dust cleaning, paint, caulking, windows, doors, frames, wall washing, fixtures, window washing, door frame cleaning, baseboard cleaning, non-mechanical equipment cleaning and prepping floors for flooring an carpet installation.
  • Deep Clean — Once the initial cleaning is complete, our team begins phase two to get the space ready for move-in and design. We clean and sanitize cabinets, bathroom fixtures, floors, baseboards, and more.
  • Touch-Up Clean — Once the space is clean and ready, our final touch up phase of cleaning includes, deep clean to remove any remaining dust, glass smudges and others.

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