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About Us

Who We Are

PatiencePlus is an affordable office and commercial cleaning and maintenance service built on trust and excellence. Our team members are reliable, well trained and specialize in extensive cleaning of offices, commercial/private residences, and retail space.

We offer deep cleaning services as well as recurring sanitizing services. Our continued service options include a daily, weekly, bi-weekly and or monthly recurring services.

We aim at customizing each contract to best service our customers. Welcome PatiencePlus to your business for a sparkling clean experience.


Our Story

PatiencePlus in blessed memory of an outstanding mother (Patience Diaba) requires a Noteworthy Identity.
The + is the main element representing the core of the brand.
An energy drawn from the healed wounds of losing someone special is diverted to entreat the targeted market with extensive care.
This is represented in the + element with a plaster.

Why Us?

Here are four reasons why outsourcing PatiencePlus will benefit you.


The staff at PatiencePlus are extremely detailed and thorough when it comes to cleaning regimens. We will deliver the highest level of services.


Some industries, such as medical offices, hospitals, and industrial facilities, have unique cleaning needs. These businesses cannot afford for cleaners to make a mistake. Outsource your cleaning and maintenance services to PatiencePlus. We will ensure our staffs have the adequate knowledge and expertise to handle all industry-specific cleaning needs and situations. We regularly train and update protocols to follow standards that has been established by leading governmental organizations to ensure that everyone at PatiencePlus delivers the best clean in any environment.


Outsourcing your cleaning services to PatiencePlus can help streamline your expenses. You only pay for the services you want when you need them. You can avoid having to purchase specialized cleaning equipment and products, and you will not need additional staff members on your payroll.


Cleaning your business does more than just keep up appearances. It also provides a healthy and safe environment for your employees, clients, and customers. PatiencePlus can improve your workspace by reducing bacteria, germs, allergens, and other harmful pollutants by meticulously cleaning every area and every detail.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Services: Our Specialty

PatiencePlus provides Eco-friendly cleaning for businesses. Eco-friendly cleaning products does not sacrifice clean environment. More companies prefer eco-friendly products in response to growing awareness of the environment and health risks of many chemical products. Going Green ensures your work environment is cleaned and sanitized without harsh chemicals or detergents that could aggravate sensitivities or allergies in your employees. This is one way to provide pleasant and safe working environment for your employees.

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